The Avengers movie villains are rumored to be awesome


The SkrullsHere’s a rumor that may just be too awesome to be true. ComicBookMovie is reporting, from multiple sources, that the villains in the upcoming Avengers movie will be none other than the Skrulls! The idea is that instead of Loki brainwashing the Hulk to fight The Avengers (as it originally happened in the comics), the Skrulls do it instead. Also, the Kree will apparently make an appearance as Earth’s ally against the Skrulls with more Skrull action being set up for the sequel.

This is would be a departure from previous Marvel movies where they tried to avoid aliens/magic explanations for things. But, it’s very awesome to be bringing the movies more in line with the comics and all the SciFi stuff the books are filled with. Maybe the heavy SciFi focus of Warner’s Green Lantern movie is affecting this decision by Marvel?

If true, I want a Silver Surfer movie with the REAL Galactus. Thanks.