Top 10 Things From Science Fiction We Wish Were Real


Everyone of us say the following five words during every SciFi flick we watch “I wish I had that.”  Here’s our list of science fiction props that your inner nerd really wishes were real.

Flux Capacitor

Flux Capacitor

Despite my reservations on time travel, mainly it being very confusing, I had to represent the time traveling community.

Warp Drive

Warp drive

Really, do i have to spell this out? Space travel would be far more convenient. The only issue with this is the fuel. Granted if we could pull this off, i’m sure we’d figure out how to power the thing.

Gundam or other mech


I am pretty sure many of us have wanted a mechanized battle suit… You know just to get around. It would make the commute to work far more interesting. You could also say goodbye to traffic!



We are already working on this, but not to the extent we’ve seen in Science Fiction. Of course it is a double edged sword. Robots could be helpul in all sorts of ways, that is until they begin to think… Then its all over.

Green Women

Oh come on! Alien chicks are hot! From Twi’lek to Orions!

Hard Light Holograms

Holograms you can interact with physically…. In case there are no real Alien chicks… >.>


Well, The same as above, except to a larger extent… You could also do many other things with these. In essence they could possibly replace video games! Get three of your friends and play Dungeons and Dragons for real!


How many times have you gotten up from your computer, walked into the kitchen, opened the freezer door and sighed knowing very well everything in there would take three or more minutes to cook? So you end up closing the door and grabbing a snack cake or some chips instead. With the Replicator you can have anything pretty instantly. Now you can eat healthy…. Or have over dose on replicated Double Downs!


We all hate driving to an extent I am sure… So rather than actually get in your car and drive to your buddies and chance having the vile sinister sun shine down its poisonous waves upon you, you could just hop into your transporter and have your molecules reassembled in his house… Hopefully.


Was there any doubt? Lightsaber can do so much! The only draw back is, that since eighty percent of the population (and that’s being very generous) have no talent with any type of melee weapon, we’d see many terrible accidents involving severed limbs. Or that one guy who wonders what flavor his purple lightsaber tastes like.