Men in Black 3 Release Date


With today’s news that “Men in Black 3” is officially moving forward with a May 2012 release date and Will Smith signed to reprise his role as Agent J, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the blockbuster franchise that first brought us the Neuralizers.

Although nothing is official with Smith’s former co-star, Tommy Lee Jones, MTV News happened to speak to another potential cast member, “Jonah Hex” star Josh Brolin, about his rumored involvement with the film. The actor is expected to play a younger version of Jones’ character, Agent K.

“It looks really, really good,” said Brolin of the early script for the film that he’s seen. “I can’t tell you the story, obviously, but they pitched me the general story, and I was like, ‘Eh, I don’t know if that’s really my thing, man.'”

“I was extremely grateful that they were even interested in me,” he continued. “But then they got more specific with the story, and I go, ‘Yes, that’s f—ing great!’ This is a character where I feel like I can do some actual acting work within this franchise that everybody knows.”

While he couldn’t confirm his involvement with the film, he did say he expects shooting to begin this fall in New York City.

However, he added that he hasn’t seen the most recent version of the script by Etan Cohen (“Tropic Thunder”).

“I read something early, early, early, but it’s very different than what is being written right now,” said Brolin.

Still, even potential involvement has him excited about the project.

“I just watched the first one again a few nights ago and loved it,” he said. “Loved it!”