15 Things You Probably Already Know About Star Trek


Ricky Linn made the following infographic and posted it on his Flickr account earlier.

It looks like we’ve got some Fanboys critiquing his work already. From the comments:

That last bit is famously false. “To boldly go” is infact not a split infinitive, because “go” is actually the infinitive form, not “to go”. Traditional grammar rules teach us that using an infinitive without the word “to” is the “bear infinitive”, whereas with it is the “full infinitive”, but most of these rules were apparently invented in the 1800s because before then there was no objection to “splitting” infinitives in any context. Similar to the rules about not putting prepositions at the end of sentences or the baneful banning of the perfectly legitimate contraction “ain’t”, the so-called split preposition is an archaic term from a more idealistic, prudish time when people believed that all languages spoken properly must conform to Latin grammar. This all resulted in silly, forced distinctions between nonexistent verb tenses and other rules that classified regional dialects as “improper”, and thus by modern standards, which accepts English for the evolving Germanic language it is, that form of writing is meticulous and absurd. “To boldly go where no man has gone before” is grammatically pristine. Don’t mislead people as you have been mislead!