Psych 9 Trailer


The trailer for Psych 9. Working alone at night in a recently closed hospital, an unstable woman (Foster) witnesses strange events that may be connected to a string of murders.

Total SciFi Online gave the following review.
For his debut feature, Andrew Shortell takes a couple of well-worn horror staples – a creepy old hospital and a woman-bashing killer – and singularly fails to do anything new or interesting with them.

As Roslyn becomes increasingly unbalanced – working a solo night shift in an empty hospital doing little for her already fragile mental state – the story is punctured by sinister visions and flashbacks. But only a genre greenhorn is likely to be surprised or shocked by any of the twists here, and like many recent horror pics Psych 9 takes itself way too seriously considering how silly it is.

It does, however, score extra points for the grimy, atmospheric backdrop (the action was partly shot at an abandoned hospital in Prague) and a convincingly haunted performance from 90210’s Sara Foster as the damaged, downbeat heroine. James Skipp

By-the-numbers horror effort, but Foster’s performance rescues it from total tedium.