10 Terrifying and Haunted Spaceships

Horror films have recurrently explored the haunted house trope to the point where it’s been reduced to a cliche. Haunted spaceships, on the other hand, are specifically particular to the SciFi Horror medium. As a result, lists for such are relatively slim compared to others. We’re here to name some of these inhabited crafts and we’ll welcome a helping hand if we’ve missed any.

The Derelict (Alien, 1979)

Viewers sensed something dark and foreboding when the crew of the Nostromo boarded the ruins of a destroyed spacecraft. Inside, was a horror beyond comprehension as all movie fans currently know.

Ship Crash landed on Morganthus (Galaxy of Terror, 1981)

This Alien clone coincidentally employed James Cameron as a crewman before he succeeded Ridley Scott his the inheritor to the franchise. This movie featured a crew stranded on a planet where their very fears came into physical being. One scene involving an alien maggot assaulting a woman was so graphic that it was completely omitted from some releases.

Alexei Leonov (2010, 1984)

The lesser known sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s classic has a craft more or less possessed by the incorporal Bowman.

Ship in Nightflyers (Nightflyers, 1987)

Based on the novella by acclaimed writer George R.R. Martin of a “Song of Ice and Fire” fame, the movie involved an expedition by scientists to discover a mysterious creature. Eventually the ship’s computer menaces its crew.

“Ghost Ship” (Super Metroid, 1994)

Inspired partially by the Alien franchise, The Metroid video games predictably had its share of eery habitats. Particularly, there was a dilapidated spaceship infested with alien ghosts throughout its corridors.

The Event Horizon (The Event Horizon, 1997)

Paul W.S. Anderson’s under appreciated thriller about a dimension traversing craft featured a starcraft inhabited not by any specific ghost or host of ghouls in general. It returned from a voyage possessed not by the devil, but hell itself.

Sphere (Sphere, 1998)

Never at a shortage of ideas, Michael Chrichton invented the idea of a time traveling American vessel misidentified as an alien spacecraft. The ship manages to recreate the central characters’ thoughts and whims and sometimes even their fears.

Von Braun (System Shock 2, 1999)

Another video game, System Shock 2’s spaceship was infested with parasitical aliens akin to the Zerg or Body Snatchers. Due to the implants installed in the protagonists body, he would detect psychic “echoes” manifesting as ghosts from time to time.

Solaris (Solaris, 2002)

Less malevolent and more mysterious than the other ships listed, the Solaris has lost several of its crew members but manages to manifest physical replicas of people familiar to those it encounters, including the dead.

U.S.G. Ishimura (Deadspace, 2008)

Zombie-like beings, Necromorphs, dwell in this video game’s distressed spaceship.

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