10 Star Wars Toys Every Fanboy Wanted

Anyone who grew up with Star Wars, especially during the original run of the movies, can remember drooling over all the Kenner figures and vehicles. Over the decades, nearly every single character and vehicle imaginable has been turned into a toy by either Kenner or now Hasbro. Below you’ll find the top ten Star Wars toys that nearly every red blooded fanboy would’ve killed to get their hands on.


Even back when it was originally released in the Empire Strikes Back box, the AT-AT was the most expensive of the Star Wars vehicles. The Imperial Walker was also the most wanted vehicle by just about everyone. Even today the modern version, which is much cooler than the 80s one, is one of the most expensive Star Wars toys in the line, but the price is well deserved for such an awesome toy.

The “Original Twelve”

In 1977 when Star Wars became a huge hit; Kenner had a big problem. They had no figures to release. So they did an Early Bird certificate program where kids got a piece of paper and could mail away for Luke, Leia, Chewie, and Artoo figures (the first four). Eight more figures followed, and all twelve could be placed on the Early Bird certificate “stand”.

The Millennium Falcon

Who didn’t want Han Solo’s ship? Sure the original Kenner one was a bit “fat”, and more modern versions look much better, but next to the AT-AT this was the coolest vehicle you could get from the Star Wars line at the time.

Boba Fett w/ Firing Missile

This Boba Fett is a thing of legend. Apparently the fact that his backpack was just a jetpack in the first three movies (Jango’s firing rocket in Attack of the Clones is a homage to this figure), the toy makers had planned to release a firing backpack Boba Fett. The one released didn’t have a firing rocket and it was thought that such a figure was never actually made…until a prototype showed up on eBay a few years ago and sold for thousands of dollars.

Tauntaun (With Open Belly Rescue Feature)

There were actually two Tauntaun toys made in the original Empire Strikes Back line. The first was just a Tauntaun that your figure could “ride” by putting its legs through a trap door on its back. The second was the awesome one. In addition to basically being the same as the first, there was a soft belly with a pocket where you could fit a figure into it. Thankfully, it didn’t really smell.


To go with the Tauntaun, you had to have a Wampa. The toy may look cheap today, but back then it was awesome. In addition to being in scale to the Luke figure, you could even fit Luke’s feet through the Wampa’s hands so it could drag him back to the Wampa cave for dinner.

Speeder Bike

The Return of the Jedi line brought a lot of cool toys. The B-Wing, the Ewok Village, and the Imperial Shuttle. But how can you not love the Speeder Bike? The design of this one has actually stayed relatively the same over the years and when you press on the little rolled pack behind the Biker Scout, the whole thing blows up. Imperial engineering at its best.

Jango Fett (Final Battle)

There were several Jango Fett figures made for Attack of the Clones in 2002, but the “Final Battle” one was probably the best. Sure, it had a giant fire ball it could shoot. But the cool part was the magnetically connected head that could easily be detached for a completely accurate Jango Fett.

R2-D2 with Pop-up Lightsaber

In 1985, after the Star Wars trilogy was complete and fan interest was starting to wane, Kenner released the first “Power of the Force” line of figures. These included a collector’s coin and featured many characters that didn’t get figures originally, one of which was Han Solo in Carbonite. One of the cooler ones, at the time, was an Artoo that came complete with a Lightsaber hidden in his dome.

“Freeze Frame” Darth Vader (Power of the Force)

There are countless Vader figures, but this recent one from the newer “Power of the Force line stands out due to him having a removable helmet. Now you could have both a Darth Vader and a humpty dumpty figure sitting on your shelf!

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