10 Reasons the SyFy Channel Sucks

10 Reasons the SyFy Channel Sucks

When the SciFi Channel launched on September 24, 1992 geeks around the world rejoiced. Finally there was a cable channel totally dedicated to science fiction. On that first day, the very first thing SciFi ever ran was Star Wars. Sure, the early years were dominated by re-runs of old series, but the channel was a great one-stop-shop series people hadn’t seen in years.

Over its history the SciFi Channel has had a poisonous relationship with fans as they tend to cancel good shows and replace them with cheap to make reality shows that have nothing to do with science fiction. Simply put, the SyFy Channel now sucks and there are ten reasons why.


Before wrestling fans break their keyboards in anger over this, I’m a huge WWE fan and watch both Raw and Smackdown every week. But neither one has any place on the SyFy Channel. The Friday Smackdown block could be better used for original programming, but instead they show wrestling on a channel the originally showed things like Star Wars, Quantum Leap, and Lost in Space.

Ghost Hunters


Ignoring the fact that the Ghost Hunters have been proven to be big fakers who stage their night vision haunting videos for the show, this franchise also has nothing to do with the SyFy Channel. If it was on Chill, or some other channel targeted more toward horror, I think it would fit better. But all of these Ghost Hunter shows fit SyFy as much as Smackdown does.

Stupid Reality Shows

Viral Video Showdown? Are your fracking kidding me? The SyFy Channel actually pays an intern to troll through YouTube, sort by “most views”, and they turn that into a show? And that’s just one of the stupid reality shows they have on the channel. And don’t even get me started on Scare Tactics.

SyFy Original Movies

SyFy Original Movie

SyFy’s original movies are a joke and nothing more than a ploy to get ratings out of sheer audience curiosity at how terrible they are as opposed to actually being “good” bad movies. If SyFy wants to air some scifi “B” movies on Saturday nights, there’s a very large library available without having to produce shit movies that everyone rolls their eyes at. If SyFy would show movies like Battle Beyond the Stars or Cannibal the Musical (with the drunken Trey Parker and Matt Stone commentary track) on Saturday nights, I know I’d watch.


NBC Universal Logos

The whole reason they changed their name from the “SciFi Channel” to “SyFy” was money. “SciFi” was a general term that they couldn’t trademark, and thus control, so they changed the name to something stupid. As a result they seemed to decide that their programming could go beyond just scifi and into crap and stuff that has no business being on a science fiction channel.

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