10 Reasons Kick-Ass Kicks Ass

10 Reasons Kick-Ass Kicks Ass

Kick-Ass is out on DVD and BluRay now, and if you’re a self respecting comic book fanboy you already own your copy. If not, here are ten reasons why the movie lives up to it’s name.

Assisted suicide via Hit Girl

Towards the end of the movie, Hit Girl goes on a solo assault and does some awesome acrobatic work with a knife and rope; resulting in what is probably the coolest assisted suicide ever put on film. You can’t help but cheer.

Nic Cage channeling Adam West

It’s well known that Nicolas Cage is a huge comic geek (his name comes from Luke Cage and he named his son Kal-El), and he purposely modeled Big Daddy’s speech patterns after Adam West in the 60’s Batman series. The result is a spot-on homage.

Jetpack with gatling guns

So you have a jetpack and you attach two gatling guns to it. The result? Pure awesome.

Hit Girl’s mid-air reload

During the kick ass finale of the movie, you get some killer Hit Girl gunplay the likes of which hasn’t been seen since John Woo made good movies. Her mid-air, mid-run, dual pistol reload is just one part of the awesome in the scene.


Kick-Ass isn’t Spider-Man 3. As such don’t expect it to lay off on the ultraviolence. Limbs are severed, heads are blown open like juicy watermelons at a Gallagher show, and the results are very satisfying.

The comic references

Kick-Ass takes place in our world, where people read real comics. As such the movie is filled with references from all sorts of comics, notably Spider-Man, Wolverine, Superman, and even the 1989 Batman movie.

Nightvision FPS

Tell me you don’t want to play this part as a video game? It’s a thousand times cooler than the lame Doom movie that came out a few years ago, and that even had a FPS scene.

Strobe-light gunfight

Immediately following the cool nightvision FPS sequence, you get an amazing strobe-light shootout. Kick-Ass is a movie where the awesome just keeps escalating and doesn’t give up or disappoint.

It’s one of the best Superhero stories

When Kick-Ass reveals himself to the world, the movie really nails you with how well it gets the superhero story. It’s at this point when it really puts to shame 90% of the big name comic movie adaptations.

It’s better than the comic

Lets face it, the comic had a pretty crappy ending for Kick Ass. His entire world was in shambles. The movie is much better in this regard, as are the character’s back stories. You like Big Daddy a lot more in the movie as opposed to the comic, for example.

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