10 Most Memorable Predator Moments

10 Most Memorable Predator Moments

Predators has finally hit theaters, so we decided it’d be cool to go back to the previous movies in the series to check out the most memorable moments of everyone’s favorite alien hunter who likes to prey on humans. The first two movies are classics, while the AVP movies are definitely not. Below you’ll find the ten most memorable moments in the series thus far.

One ugly mother…

Who could forget the first time the Predator removed his mask to reveal his mandible-covered face. Movie history would forever be given one of its most memorable monsters thanks to Stan Winston’s quick design (with a little nudging by his pal James Cameron) while on a plane when the movie was in a crisis for a redesign of the creature.

Dutch vs. Predator

Sure Danny Glover beating the city Predator down with his own disc weapon in Predator 2 was cool, but Predator fights in the jungle are always better (as you’ll see in Predators) and the original showdown between Dutch and the first Predator is a classic movie fight.

The Sexual Tyrannosaurus unleashed

Speaking of classic movie fights, the original Predator has one of the coolest action scenes ever when future Minnesota Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura unleashes his minigun on a little village. Flying bodies and explosions abound.

Predator vision

The Predator is an awesome movie monster. It can cloak itself. Kill you many different ways. And it’s impossible to hide from thanks to its heat vision. The original Predator movie established this, and you’ll even see some cool improvements on it in Predators.


How do you kill a Predator who can see you wherever you are? Coat yourself in some nice cool mud. This is why Dutch was so cool. He outsmarted the Predator and lived to tell about it.

Don’t push too many pencils

The original Predator taught us to not push too many pencils. Otherwise your arm becomes a flabby girlie man’s arm. It also gave us a minor internet meme, you son of a bitch!

Ancient aliens

Alien vs. Predator may have sucked. And sucked long and hard. But it did give us a couple cool moments, such as this one where it’s revealed that the Predators were the ones who helped the ancients build the pyramids. Too bad the rest of the movie wasn’t as cool.

The trophy room in Predator 2

The single moment that launched an entire new franchise. That one image of an Alien skull in the Predator’s ship at the end of Predator 2 is what launched the AVP comics, video games, and eventually the two horrible movies. It’s all Predator 2’s fault.


We waited more than ten years for this. After that part in Predator 2, everyone wanted to see a Predator and Alien fight it out. We got it with AVP, and the movie really sucked. But you did get to see the two beasties fight it out, a little bit.

There’s more than one of ’em!

The other cool part of Predator 2 was at the end where after Danny Glover kills the Predator, a bunch of elder Predators uncloak and we finally get a look at several varieties of Predator. It was one of those “oh crap, he’s screwed” moments, that ended up almost redeeming the first sequel.

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