There Are Two BB-8 Toys Coming – Be Sure to Get the Sphero


Exposing Star Wars CG Hypocrisy

This week is Force Friday and all the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys will hit the shelves, including two remote controlled BB-8s. You want to make sure that you get the Sphero version and not the cheaper Hasbro one.

Here’s a real image of the app-controlled Sphero BB-8. This little toy is expensive at $149, but it’s using the exact same tech that the full-sized BB-8 uses as it was Sphero who solved Disney’s problem in moving BB-8 from a rod puppet to a real droid. This BB-8 will be only be sold at Best Buy, Apple Stores, and Bed Bath and Beyond and you just need any iPhone newer than a 4s or an Android phone to run the app and control your own little BB-8:


Sphero BB-8

Unfortunately Hasbro made a cheap ($79) knock-off of the remote controlled BB-8 and the Target exclusive toy will fool many people into thinking they got the real deal. You DO NOT want the Hasbro version as it works nothing like the real Sphero toy and is only getting attention because some Target’s already sold some. It’s a piece of crap, and you need to avoid this version at all costs:


Hasbro BB-8

This is the $80 Hasbro BB-8 at Target. You DO NOT want this one!

This is what the packaging of the Sphero BB-8 looks like and what you’ll see on shelves at Best Buy this weekend:


Sphero BB-8

This is the Sphero BB-8 sold at Best Buy, Apple Stores, and Bed Bath and Beyond. You want THIS one.

Be warned that some Best Buy stores only got a couple of the Spheros, which mean they’ll go very fast on Friday…

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