Nov 11, 2011

10 of the Most Deadly Female Dark Siders in Star Wars

When it comes to the Dark Side, female Sith and Dark Jedi are often overlooked. However, once you dive a...

Dec 25, 2010

Fanboy Debate: Dark Side vs Light Side

Since I had far too many glasses of wine last night to remember Fanboy Debate, we’re going to do it...

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Dec 3, 2010

Fanboy Debate: Darth Sideous vs Darth Bane

It’s time for another late night episode of Friday Fanboy debate. Tonight’s topic: Who would win if they ever met;...

Oct 8, 2010

The Old Republic reveals Ilum

Today’s Friday update from Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals the planet Ilum. What’s the big deal about Ilum? Well,...

May 5, 2010

The 10 Most Powerful Force Users of the Dark Side

When it comes to force sensitivity, you’re mainly going to be looking at two groups.  The lightside and the darkside. ...