Daniel Fleetwood Was Blown Away by The Force Awakens

When the world found out that Lucasfilm showed Daniel Fleetwood The Force Awakens everyone was happy, but they of course wondered what his reaction to the movie would be. Obviously the family had to sign a NDA like the Star Trek: Into Darkness family did, so he can’t say specifics. However two Star Wars fan groups visited him and did get a reaction from him…

According to a post by a 501st member in the Star Wars subreddit who visited Daniel, he was really impressed with the new Star Wars:

“What I do know is that he was genuinely blown away by the movie. To be honest he’s on a lot of drugs, but he kept telling us that its great, and he loved how it felt true to the original trilogy.

They said JJ has called the house several times just checking on him, as well as a few other awesome folks like /u/PeterMayhew”

This echoes the reaction of everyone who has seen the movie so far. There hasn’t been a single negative yet, so it sounds like we’re in for something very special next month.

Temuera Morrison Returns as Boba Fett in Star Wars: Battlefront!

boba-fett-battlefrontThe Star Wars: Battlefront beta begins today, and someone has datamined the PC files to discover that Temuera Morrison has returned to voice Boba Fett.

Fett is going to be an unlockable hero in the full game, and the beta only includes ROTJ Luke and Vader as playable heroes, but the client appears to have his audio available. A user posted all of the Boba Fett clips to Soundcloud and it’s definitely Temuera Morrison voicing the character again.

This is actually a big deal as Battlefront, like all games from now on, is considered canon. The events that happen in a multiplayer match obviously aren’t due to how those can play out based on player input, but all of the planets, characters, and major events that are the backstory of the game are canon.

This is yet more proof that Lucasfilm isn’t going to retcon Boba Fett’s origin and he remains a clone of Jango. One of his voice files in the game even mentions Jango. Most Star Wars fans with a sense of reality knew that Boba Fett retcon rumor was BS, and this appears to be even more proof to squash it.

Rumor: Possible Force Awakens Spoilers From the Novelization

episode-7-spoilersWARNING: The following article will contain what could be MAJOR SPOILERS from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They are apparently sourced from the upcoming Alan Dean Foster novelization of the movie, and not the film itself. Nonetheless, they could be potentially major spoilers detailing characters and their relationships in the Force Awakens. Again, this is your SPOILER WARNING. Don’t go whining that you got spoiled if you read this as it’s your choice for doing so!

These comes from a Reddit post (archive here) and while 99.9% of the time such a thing would fire off red flags and be filled with fan fiction BS, there’s nothing here that does that. In fact this meshes well with what’s already known, and fills in some details on the characters. It also squashes another popular fan fiction rumor, specifically Plagueis.

On Rey’s relationship:

“There have been rumors that Rey is Luke’s daughter. She is not. Rather, she is his chosen apprentice. She was orphaned at a young age and Luke might as well be the closest thing she had to a father figure. She is not a Skywalker by blood, however.

Luke and Rey’s relationship has a lot to do with Kylo Ren’s motivations in the story.”

“There is no denying the Skywalker legacy. I’m just saying Rey is not blood related so don’t hope to hear some story about Luke’s dead wife or whatever. Rey was orphaned. Luke recognized the force in her, took her in as an apprentice, and ultimately adopted her as his own. It is true that Luke had started an academy and that he was training several young jedi, but Rey was the favored one.”

On Finn’s name:

“Rumors that Rey “gives” Finn his name are true. It is most definitely related to his Stormtrooper designation, as many have deduced from the FN=Finn. Finn in a sense is also an orphan, and it’s worth noting both bond over the shared similarities in their life stories.”

Kylo Ren:

“He is the blood relation, via Han and Leia. A lot of his anger stems from the fact that Luke favored an adopted child over an actual member of the Skywalker bloodline. It is hinted that Luke had sensed a propensity for the dark side in Kylo and was therefore hesitant to train him.

Kylo was at the academy, the academy is indeed ransacked. Luke’s instinct is to protect Rey, and Kylo witnesses this. Kylo is abducted and indoctrinated into the Knights of Ren. The Ren wish to eliminate the Jedi from the galaxy, and Kylo takes this on as his personal mission as he grows older due to his particularly personal motivation. This creates a tense dynamic between Kylo and Snoke. Kylo’s goals are not the same as the Knights of Ren. He believes he is pulling one over on them by exploiting their resources for his personal gain, but Snoke is an aware puppet master playing on this all along.

Scorned by Luke, Kylo denies him as the last truly great Jedi and instead turns to Darth Vader as a role model. Kylo is obsessed with his heritage and frustrated that all those around him only wanted to deny it. Kylo believes he has the power of Vader and secretly plans to usurp control of the Knights of Ren.”

Snoke is not Plagueis:

“Not Plagueis. Role is much like the Emperor/Senator Palpatine. To the First Order he is their mysterious Supreme Leader governing from afar. They see Kylo as a surrogate of sorts. In secret he is the head of the Knights of Ren. I have not seen the film or images of Snoke. The description I have read is intentionally vague. Species is not named.

A lot of the Ren mythology is not touched on. Really setting up for further exploration in the next episodes.”

Sarco Plank and Lor San Tekka:

“Sarco Plank exists mainly as a background character. Despite his presence in the toy line and the Luke junior novel, he has no impact on the film’s story. Seems like he was just an interesting design that others have latched onto.

Lor San Tekka was an Imperial officer. He and his troops were abandoned on Jakku. The remaining Imps on Jakku are a warring faction with Unkar Plutt and his thugs, who run scavenging operations. Rey is caught somewhere between the two “tribes.””

As I said there are no big red flags in that information of it being some kind of fan fiction made up based on trailers or existing rumors. It meshes well with what’s known and the Rey/Kylo relationship could be an interesting dynamic to explore during the Sequel Trilogy. Instead of it being a blood-relative feud, there’s jealously involved…which is the path to the Dark Side.

Still there’s no way to know if they’re real, so they’re just rumored spoilers for now. But I wouldn’t be shocked if this is how the movie plays out in terms of the character’s relationships.

Rumor: New Force Awakens Trailer Not Until November

the-force-awakensDespite rumors of us seeing a new trailer for The Force Awakens in the middle of October, new word has come out that we may not see it until November.

Today Entertainment Weeklys Anthony Breznican (who’s Lucasfilm sourcing is excellent) Tweeted that he wasn’t sure we’d see a trailer this month and it sounds like it will be November now:

It’s not uncommon for a final trailer to come out the month before a movie release, they released the final Spectre trailer this week and that movie isn’t out until next month. But Star Wars fans will definitely be disappointed and angry if they have to wait until next month to see a full trailer for a movie many don’t know anything about.

There Are Two BB-8 Toys Coming – Be Sure to Get the Sphero

image: http://www.furiousfanboys.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/the-force-awakens-teaser-02.jpg

Exposing Star Wars CG Hypocrisy

This week is Force Friday and all the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys will hit the shelves, including two remote controlled BB-8s. You want to make sure that you get the Sphero version and not the cheaper Hasbro one.

Here’s a real image of the app-controlled Sphero BB-8. This little toy is expensive at $149, but it’s using the exact same tech that the full-sized BB-8 uses as it was Sphero who solved Disney’s problem in moving BB-8 from a rod puppet to a real droid. This BB-8 will be only be sold at Best Buy, Apple Stores, and Bed Bath and Beyond and you just need any iPhone newer than a 4s or an Android phone to run the app and control your own little BB-8:

image: http://www.furiousfanboys.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/sphero-bb-8.jpg

Sphero BB-8

Unfortunately Hasbro made a cheap ($79) knock-off of the remote controlled BB-8 and the Target exclusive toy will fool many people into thinking they got the real deal. You DO NOT want the Hasbro version as it works nothing like the real Sphero toy and is only getting attention because some Target’s already sold some. It’s a piece of crap, and you need to avoid this version at all costs:

image: http://www.furiousfanboys.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/target-bb-8.jpg

Hasbro BB-8

This is the $80 Hasbro BB-8 at Target. You DO NOT want this one!

This is what the packaging of the Sphero BB-8 looks like and what you’ll see on shelves at Best Buy this weekend:

image: http://www.furiousfanboys.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/best-buy-sphero-bb-8.jpg

Sphero BB-8

This is the Sphero BB-8 sold at Best Buy, Apple Stores, and Bed Bath and Beyond. You want THIS one.

Be warned that some Best Buy stores only got a couple of the Spheros, which mean they’ll go very fast on Friday…

5 Examples of Fanboy Hyperbole About The Force Awakens


We’re less than six months away from the release of the first new Star Wars movie in a decade. I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for the release of The Force Awakens. How can you not be jumping around the house in excitement over a new Star Wars movie?

As crazy as it is there are some fans who don’t seem to be excited for the movie, for one reason or another. Over the last few months they’ve been spewing some crazy hyperbolic statements about why they think The Force Awakens will suck, and I’ve collected a few of them here because these are some hilarious ideas:

“They’d Better Have A Good Explanation For _____”

The Force Awakens Teaser 2

You’ve seen the lightsaber in the second teaser trailer, right? Well that’s one example where some fans demand there to be a good explanation as to how Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber that he lost on Bespin becomes the object that drives the story in The Force Awakens. But this sort of thought about Star Wars doesn’t really fit the saga at all. There’s never a good explanation as to why the Death Star plans just happened to land on the one planet in the entire galaxy where the son of Anakin Skywalker was living.

“I’m Walking Out If _____”


“I’m walking out if Darth Plagueis isn’t the villain”, “I’m walking out if Kylo Ren isn’t really Revan”, “I’m walking out if Han & Leia aren’t happily married with Jaina and Jacen”, and “I’m walking out if the movie opens with a lightsaber falling from the sky”. All of those are examples of crazy declarations some fans have made about how they’ll storm out of the theater if something in The Force Awakens disappoints them. Hopefully they do walk out of the movie theater to open up the seat for someone who can actually enjoy the movie without comparing it to twenty years of licensed fan fiction novels.

“JJ Abrams is Committing Character Assassination”

JJ Abrams on Kimmel

One of the more hyperbolic complaints about The Force Awakens is the belief that JJ Abrams is committing character assassination on certain legacy characters due to how they are used in the movie. Fans who have absolutely zero say on the evolution of a character in the 30+ years between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens think they know better than Lucasfilm when it comes to why that character made certain decisions to place them where they are when the movie catches up with them. The decisions that Abrams and Kasdan came to with regards to where the Legacy characters are isn’t character assassination, especially since The Force Awakens isn’t based on your personal fanfic on how those characters should be.

“I Don’t Believe JJ Abrams Would Do ____”

The Force Awakens Teaser 2

Another wild complaint people have is that they reject certain things about the movie because they don’t believe JJ Abrams would do something that against their own personal fan fiction. But that’s one of the things that makes The Force Awakens so exciting. Abrams and Kasdan are revisiting familiar Star Wars ideas, while doing new things. This isn’t the Original Trilogy or the Prequel Trilogy, it’s the Sequel Trilogy and there are new ideas at play. Another part of this is that Lucasfilm has all three episodes planned out, so they know where the story is going. Just because you don’t like an element of The Force Awakens, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a payoff for that in VIII or IX.

“The Force Awakens Will Run Star Wars Into the Ground”

The Force Awakens Star Wars Celebration

This by far is the one complaint that’s the most divorced from reality. Even with all of the hate they get from people on the internet, the Prequels didn’t kill the Star Wars franchise. They made an entire generation of new Star Wars fans. Likewise no matter how much some of these people will hate The Force Awakens, this will be the Star Wars for yet another new generation of fans. More Star Wars isn’t a bad thing. The more Star Wars movies we get, the stronger the fandom will become with new people discovering how awesome that galaxy a far far away is.

Disney Removes the Fox Fanfare From Their Star Wars Movies

Disney Fox Fanfare Star Wars

One of the most recognizable parts of a Star Wars movie is now gone due to Disney owning the franchise, as the Fox Fanfare has been removed from the films the mouse owns.

Today’s release of the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection gives us a hint as to what we may see with The Force Awakens. For all of the movies (except for A New Hope) the familiar 20th Century Fox Fanfare has been removed and replaced with a new piece of music over the modern Lucasfilm logo. It’s actually not even new music as it’s a modification of John Williams’ end-credits finale to The Empire Strikes Back.

This also proves to people that, like Marvel, the Star Wars films will not begin with the Walt Disney Pictures logo as many have feared. They are treating Lucasfilm like Marvel, and thus giving them their own fanfare. I wouldn’t be surprised if for The Force Awakens they update the logo and to a elaborate 3D version much like what they did with Marvel beginning with Thor: The Dark World.

While some are freaking out over this, did you honestly think Fox would allow Disney to use their logo on the Star Wars movies? Fox isn’t allowing A New Hope to show up on Disney’s own streaming service, so they wouldn’t allow their logo to appear on a movie that Disney owns now.

You can check out the video below from Yakface.com that shows how Disney has removed the Fox Fanfare from Star Wars:


A Fake Star Wars Celebration Episode VII Trailer Description is Being Spread Around…

With Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim being just about a month and a half away, it’s about time we start seeing fake trailer descriptions floating around to fool people. This latest one is actually pretty old, but it’s starting to go viral this week and it’s time to squash it like the fake it is.

It originated last December, shortly after the first teaser hit, with someone claiming these scenes are in a longer trailer. They aren’t. In fact, these scenes were never even shot for the movie:

“The Carousel”
Desert planet, presumably Tatooine. Daisy, Oscar, Jon, Chewie and Han, escaping to the MF in a shoot-out with Stormtroopers. It’s basically an echo of the ANH scene, very similar looking “landing bay”. Boyega is wearing a robe over his Stormtrooper armour. Something is implied to be broken in MF, Chewbacca is sitting on top of the starship trying to repair it, blaster shots are barely missing him, he groans. Han stands on the ramp and comments on John’s inability to aim, >Aren’t you supposed to be the best shots in the galaxy, kid?<. Oscar Isaac and Daisy are inside of the ship playing with all the buttons & switches trying to start the engine. Lots of cutting between inside and outside of the ship, very dynamic editing. Suddenly the lights in the cockpit light up, Oscar touches something off screen and we hear that the engine is turning on, Chewbaca roars and enters the ship, Han goes inside nonchalantly, John jumps just as MF starts to hover over the ground and slowly rotate. Blaster shots all over the place. Then there’s a wide static shot mirroring the escape scene from ANH as MF flies away. “The Trader” A space station built into an asteroid. Establishing shot, MF approaches the landing pad, very static and “old school” looking shots. Space station’s interior is a cave with metal structures, green vegetation and neon lights, very interesting aesthetically, very western-like. All kinds of shady types walking around. John gets distracted seeing a hologram showing a bounty put on his head, he tries to put his helmet on (presumable to hide his identity?) but Han stops him and comments that >people here are more fond of criminals than imperials<. They go to some kind of workshop, lots of electronic pieces laying around. The trader is a hairy snake-man, he looks humanoid except for he has no legs. The trader speaks with a very clear Russian accent. It’s implied that Han owes him some money, but he’s willing to help the heroes to get some part they’re looking for (I think?). The sequence ends showing a masked creature eavesdropping on heroes


Want to know how this is fake? MakingStarWars actually just posted a description of how Rey and Finn get off the desert planet, and Poe, Han, and Chewie have nothing to do with it. The Falcon is involved though:

Some time after they escape the brig, Poe goes his own way and Finn wanders into the desert town. There’s Stormtroopers there. Finn and Rey take the Falcon to evade them. It is said the Falcon is “swallowed” by the giant freighter once they get to space.

Han isn’t on the desert planet, neither is Chewie. Rey and Finn steal the Falcon (the scene in the teaser trailer) and then end up on a Giant Freighter where they meet Han. It isn’t a space station built into an asteroid.

We’ll see a whole lot more of these fake descriptions before Celebration hits in April. Thankfully our friends over at MakingStarWars.net have the documentation to help tell what’s fake and what’s not.

Top Secret Bad Robot Memo From JJ Himself?

What are the lengths that JJ Abrams would take to protect his “Mystery Box”? If this purported memo from the man himself is true, he will personally destroy your reputation if you leak anything related to Bad Robot’s secrets. So I wonder what he’s going to do to the guy who led someone to the Abu Dhabi Episode VII set?

EDIT: The memo is apparently fake.