The Latest Unaltered Original Trilogy Rumor Possibly Debunked

Star Wars fans were eagerly debating a big rumor this morning about the Unaltered Original Trilogy, but now a bucket of ice water has been tossed on it.

Today Pablo Hidalo Tweeted a comment about the current rumor about the Unaltered Original Trilogy possibly coming out for the 40th Anniversary, and one of his replies seems to confirm a long-standing theory of the status of Star Wars cuts:

For a long time since the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm, there have been rumors that George Lucas maintains final cut for the movies. That means that only he could go back and restore the movies to their non-Special Edition forms, and the Tweet makes it sound as if George is uninterested in doing so and only he could make this happen.

Still a limited theatrical run could technically be in the cards as such a thing would be a one-off event (that George wouldn’t need to sign off on) for the 40th anniversary while the current versions of the Original Trilogy remain the only ones you can own.

New Rogue One Behind the Scenes Feature Shows An Alternate Finale

Everyone knows that Rogue One went through a lot of changes in the reshoots. A lot of the third act changed, and while we got glimpses of the original finale on Scariff a new behind-the-scenes clip from ABC shows the original fates of two characters.

The feature is focused on K-2SO, but the video they included shows the filming of his original death scene. It looks like it was outdoors on Scarif at a bunker door, and when he hits the ground you can see him lying next to the lifeless corpse of Cassian:

You can see the entire video below, the footage of the original death scene is about halfway through the clip:

The 4K Version of A New Hope is George’s, NOT the Unaltered Theatrical Cut

Those who continually get their hopes up of Lucasfilm going against George Lucas’ wishes and releasing the versions of Star Wars he hates are about to be crushed again.

Last month, Gareth Edwards described viewing a 4K version of A New Hope at Lucasfilm. With absolutely no evidence to back up their delusions of grandeur, many people on the internet proclaimed this was an unaltered original theatrical cut of A New Hope and not the canonical version George Lucas considers to be the only Star Wars.

Even though there was absolutely zero evidence for people to claim that (outside of sites who lie to them for clicks) this belief quickly became “fact” on the internet. That is, until last night when Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo confirmed on Twitter that the 4K version is still George’s version and not an unaltered original theatrical cut:

This is yet another time in a long line of occasions where people let their headcanon get the best of them.

Lucasfilm isn’t going to go to George Lucas and ask him: “Hey George, these angry people on the internet who always say that you raped their childhood want us to alter your version of the Original Trilogy and give them the versions you don’t like.”

Bail Organa is the Only Prequel Cameo in Rogue One

Fans hoping the Prequel cameo rumors in Rogue One would be true will be disappointed that they didn’t end up in the movie.

Last week we let you know of two rumors of two Prequel characters that would be standing next to each other in the same scene as Bail Organa in Rogue One.

According to friends just getting out of the World Premiere of the movie in Hollywood neither character were spotted in the scene. That makes Bail Organa the only major Prequel cameo in Rogue One.

Rogue One Ticket Sales Possibly Beginning Tomorrow (10/26)

IMAX has begun teasing a big reveal during the Star Wars show tomorrow, and one of their teases makes it sound like tickets will go on sale…

They began with a Tweet saying there will be an IMAX reveal during the Star Wars Show tomorrow at noon Pacific:

But their Facebook post is even more specific:
“Find out how you can aide the Rebellion and IMAX” sure sounds like a tease for ticket sales beginning. How else will you aide the Rebellion and IMAX other than buying a ticket to see the movie?

Fandango lists the movie, which was filmed in 6K digital, as an IMAX 3D release:

We’ll know for sure in less than 12 hours if you’ll be able to buy your Rogue One tickets tomorrow.

November 7th Is Not the Rogue One Ticket Sale Date

There’s a rumor going around the internet that Rogue One tickets will go on sale the day before the US election on November 7th, but I managed to get confirmation to debunk that.

The origin of the rumor comes from the City of Carlsbad’s (near San Diego, CA) private screening for Rogue One that they will be holding on December 15th. Star Wars News Net found the Seaside Courier’s website calendar for the screening, which says:

“Tickets are $20 and will be available for pre-sale on Nov. 5 at the Epic Teen Nights: Movie in the Park event from 4 to 9 p.m. Tickets will then go on sale online to the general public beginning 7 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 7.”

Most people who read that understood what it meant. This is an announcement that the City of Carlsbad (not Fandango, MovieTickets, etc.) is selling tickets for a private screening they will be putting on. Movie theaters have begun booking private screenings for Rogue One this week. The calendar is announcing the dates that people can go through the city to buy the $20 tickets to their private screening, November 5th for VIPs and November 7th for everyone else.

To get clarification on this I emailed the City of Carlsbad asking if this was just for their screening of if they new something everyone else didn’t about when tickets would go on sale:

“Tickets for the VIP screening will go on sale starting November 7th for anyone wishing to participate in this Carlsbad event (limited amount of tickets available). You can purchase tickets online at or by phone at [removed]. If you wish to get your tickets before the 7th, your other option would be to attend the Movie in the Park event on November 5th at Pine Park. We will sell VIP tickets there as well, being able to buy there is a perk to attending that event. The Movie in the Park is free to attend and we will be showing Bateman Vs. Superman.”

To recap, the City of Carlsbad booked a private screening for Rogue One. To recap the costs of renting an entire theater on December 15th, they (again, not Fandango) are selling their tickets for their private screening for $20. People can go see Batman V Superman in a park with the city on November 5th and buy a ticket there, or on November 7th they can go on the city’s website and get a ticket. This isn’t the day that tickets go on sale for everyone.

So what day will tickets go on sale? has heard this coming Thursday, November 3rd is a possible date. That makes a lot more sense than Lucasfilm having ticket sales being buried under the US election. If they don’t go on sale this week, the most likely date will be Wednesday, November 16th; thirty days out from release.

New Rogue One Trailer Arriving This Week


The final Rogue One theatrical trailer will hit this week and we have a good idea when you’ll be able to see it.

While it’s a little earlier than we got The Force Awakens trailer last year (October 19th), we’ll be seeing the full theatrical trailer for Rogue One around this Thursday, October 13th. While there are some reports out there that we’ll be seeing it during Thursday Night Football on CBS (and NFL Network, Twitter, etc.), chances are very strong that it’ll premiere elsewhere in the morning before being put online via YouTube.

If you look at the past history of Rogue One trailers, the original teaser debuted on Disney-owned ABC’s Good Morning America. The theatrical trailer for The Force Awakens also premiered on Disney-owned ESPN’s Monday Night Football. That means the chances of the trailer debuting on a non-Disney network this Thursday is rather slim.

The only reason Disney held the second Rogue One teaser for the Olympics on NBC (as opposed to Celebration) was due to the insane audience for the prime time Olympics coverage. This Thursday’s NFL game, between the 4-1 Broncos and the 1-4 Chargers, won’t have even a fraction of that audience. People won’t be tuning in just to see the Chargers get steamrolled by the Broncos. It doesn’t make much sense for them to hold the trailer just for a non-event such as that.

The good bet? You’ll see the Rogue One theatrical trailer Thursday morning on Good Morning America. Then it’ll immediately show up on YouTube and all of the official Star Wars social media outlets. It could still play during Thursday Night Football that night, but by then most Star Wars fans will have watched it a hundred times.

E3 2016: The Xbox One S Does Play 4K UHD Blu-Ray Discs

When Microsoft revealed the smaller, and slimmer, Xbox One S at E3 yesterday there was some confusion over the console. One big thing that some pro-Sony trolls began to spread on the internet was that it didn’t include a controller. This idiotic idea was quickly debunked by Microsoft, when they explained that it does indeed include a controller but you can still buy the new controller separately. Aside from the external differences on the controller (it has padded grips like the amazing Elite Pad does), the controller now supports Bluetooth which makes it even easier to connect to PCs.

But the big thing about the system is the 4K UHD video playback. Streaming is easy, all they needed to do was upgrade the HDMI port and support the latest version of HDCP to allow 4K streaming from Netflix and Amazon. But the other claim was that it would play 4K Blu-Ray discs. A lot of people didn’t think this actually meant 4K Blu-Rays, after all the format is rather new and there is only one stand-alone 4K UHD Blu-Ray player on the market, and that Samsung player retails by itself for $399.

Today Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra Tweeted that he was watching the Deadpool 4K Blu-Ray on his Xbox One S:

I asked him if it absolutely does play 4K Blu-Ray discs, as that would be a huge selling point for the system that starts at $299. He replied quickly to me that it does, which kind of settles the matter. Despite what people may be claiming on message boards where they shill for another system, the Xbox One S does play 4K UHD Blu-Ray discs and will be in stores in just a couple months for $100 less than the current stand-alone 4K UHD Blu-Ray player.

Déjà vu: Hasbro Not Showing Rogue One Toys at Toy Fair


Last January Hasbro made an announcement that they wouldn’t show The Force Awakens toys at Toy Fair, and now they’ve repeated that announcement for Rogue One.

“We wanted to let you know that there will be no toys based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story shown at Toy Fair this year. While there will be a small selection of new Star Wars toys revealed at Toy Fair and in the days leading up to it, none of them will be directly based on the new characters from the upcoming film.

We know that there’s a huge amount of anticipation for Star Wars toys this year, and we wanted to be forthcoming about this as we know it might make a difference for some of you in regards to travel plans. We’re extremely excited for the year ahead and we look forward to working with each of you throughout the year.”

It seems like Rogue One is stuck in the same style of JJ Abrams Mystery Box that The Force Awakens was. This likely means we’ll probably see a Stormtrooper (likely the black Shadowtrooper) figure at SDCC and then nothing more until Force Friday in September.

4 Ways Disney is Hurting Star Wars

Disney Star Wars
When Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012, I was actually pretty positive about it. After all, Pixar and Marvel have thrived under Disney and one could argue they’re better than they’ve ever been. But under Disney Star Wars is experiencing a lot of issues that some people aren’t aware of, but they affect the fanbase that has been active for over forty years.

Attacking Fans Directly


Back in December, the week before The Force Awakens released, Star Wars Action news walked into their local Walmart and found the new Resistance Base Rey figure (with the lightsaber). They took a photo of the action figure that they legally purchased, and posted it to Facebook. Within a few hours Disney/Lucasfilm invoked their external copyright attack dogs and the DMCA law was abused to censor the fan, as Disney claimed they owned the photo that this fan took of their purchase.

After the story blew up in their face, the automated copyright film rescinded the claim, only to reinstate it a few hours later causing the fan to be suspended from Facebook simply for sharing a photo they took with their own camera of a toy they legally purchased at Walmart. Under Disney, Star Wars fans can no longer feel safe about sharing their enthusiasm for the franchise without the fear of the Mouse abusing DMCA to censor them and protect the Mystery Box.

The Rebels Bait & Switch

Star Wars Rebels Season Two Review

Just last week Disney kicked Star Wars Rebels fans in the face by changing the conditions of the Season 2 season pass people bought digitally on Amazon, iTunes and Google. When Season 2 was starting, people paid $30 for a package that they were led to believe included the entire second season of the show. Disney changed that last week by splitting Season 2 into Volumes 2 and 3, without crediting prior purchasers. Due to this bait & switch, people who paid $30 for the complete second season now have to pay an additional $20 to finish the season they were led to believe they were paying for a few months ago. Aside from a disclaimer added to some of these digital storefronts, Disney doesn’t seem to care that they committed what would be fraud if it were a retail setting.

Disarming the 501st


Also in December an email was sent to Star Wars costuming groups that informed them that if they plan to attend any “official” event in costume, they are not allowed to carry blasters or other weapons. This edict basically removed one of the pieces of the Stormtrooper costume, and appears to be a knee-jerk reaction by some cubicle person at Disney who didn’t realize what they were requesting. Even more bizarre, the Stormtroopers who work at Disneyland are allowed to carry blasters…but fan costumers aren’t.

Censoring Sites to Protect Their Marketing Plans

Force Awakens Blu-Ray

At the end of last year learned that the Blu-Ray of The Force Awakens would be released on April 5th. The day after that was posted on their site, it had be removed. Just recently Amazon posted the same date, but then had to remove it as well. Sites that reported on the Amazon release date were asked by Disney to remove their stories.

This sort of bullying censorship is being done to protect their marketing plan, which likely includes some kind of big “exclusive” announcement on some mass-market outlet that fans really don’t care about. Disney knows that since it’s Star Wars they can pressure sites into staying quiet about stuff, because those sites don’t want to risk missing out on going to an advanced screening of the next Star Wars movie.

Back during the Special Edition and Prequel days, Lucasfilm never treated fans and fan sites in these ways. But it’s a whole new game under the Disney overlords, and it’s starting to sour many fans to Star Wars.