\’DCEULeaks\’ on Reddit Is Not a Source of Real DCEU Leaks


Man of Steel
Over the last few weeks numerous comic book and films sites have been making themselves look like complete idiots by sourcing big DC movie “scoops” from a subreddit. The hilarious thing about this is almost everyone who uses Reddit, and knows about the DCEULeaks sub, is well aware that everything posted there is bogus.

They’re laughing at you.

There are far too many posts mocking sites for using the subreddit as a source of news. Just go and look at its first page and you’ll see members there laughing at genre sites creating click bait out of outright lies posted on the subreddit.

When the actual forum people are pulling clickbait from knows that the stuff there is bogus, you really shouldn’t believe anything posted there. Thankfully most people are wising up to it and just roll their eyes when they see a site sourcing DCEULeaks.

The sub is entertaining for fan fiction, but it should never be taken as a legitimate leak source.