The Last Jedi Won\’t Be at San Diego Comic Con (Duh)


Those who decide to skip Disney’s D23 Expo in the hopes of seeing Star Wars in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con will be disappointed for the second year in a row. Due to Disney holding their own convention a week before, which will feature new Marvel movies and The Last Jedi, they won’t be holding a panel for the new Star Wars movie at Comic Con (again).

The Unofficial SDCC Blog confirmed through two sources, including Lucasfilm publicity, that there won’t be a panel for The Last Jedi at SDCC 2017. Lucasfilm told them, “our presence at SDCC 2017 will be focused on our booth on the convention floor, so there will be no press events or interview opportunities this year.”

Last year Lucasfilm didn’t have a Rogue One panel due to Star Wars Celebration focusing on the movie. This year D23 Expo is a week before SDCC, so there’s no reason to repeat themselves and do two big panels a week apart.

The only reason The Force Awakens appeared at SDCC in 2015 was it was the first new Star Wars movie in a decade and Disney wanted to win over the “Practical Effects” crowd. Since the new Star Wars movies are a success, they have no need to roll out a big marketing carpet at SDCC to win over a crowd who will already go see the movie when they can use their own event and save time and money in doing so.

With this year being a D23 year, it should shock no one that Star Wars is skipping SDCC.