Fox is Planning to Dump on Fantastic Four…Again


Fox isn’t done molesting Marvel’s first family. If the Josh Trank abortion wasn’t bad enough, Fox has decided to keep their iron grip on the franchise by rebooting it once again.

This time, it’ll be for the kids.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Fox’s next Fantastic Four movie will focus on the kids of the family:

“And while the most recent movie reinvented the Fantastic Four as youngsters, along the lines of the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book, the movie swings to the other end of the spectrum. Instead, it will concentrate on Franklin and Valeria, the children of Reed Richards and Susan Storm. While still having the Thing and the Human Torch along for the ride.

Indeed, the whole movie will be kid-centric with a vibe far more reminiscent of The Incredibles. In an instant, this will totally separate the movie from the previous failed attempt. “

Please Fox. Just stop. Let the rights revert back to Marvel. Please.