Chuck’s Zachary Levi joins Psych the movie



Psych was a detective comedy on USA network for eight seasons starring James Roday as fake psychic detective, Shawn Spencer, and Dule Hill as his best friend since childhood, Burton Guster. Each week the duo teamed up with the Santa Barbara police department to solve crimes with a lot of pop culture references and catch phrases. The show ended in 2014, but earlier this year it was released that it would return in December for a movie on USA. All of the main cast is set to return. The current synopsis on IMDB reads: “The old gang come together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own.” As of yesterday, that “mystery assailant” was confirmed as Zachary Levi.

The cast of Psych always wanted Levi to guest star on the show and even wanted him as the villain “Z” in Psych the musical, but unfortunately, he was unavailable due to his film schedule for Thor. I would have liked to see his singing pipes again, but am super excited to see him as the villain in Psych the movie.

Dule Hill tweeted: “Well, #Psych-Os #Chucksters…things just got reaaally interesting. Whaaaaat!!” along with the video below, where Hill and Roday ask fans, “What’s this?” (while holding a pineapple). Zachary Levi walks behind them, with blonde hair, saying, “It’s a pineapple, right Chucksters?”

Fun fact: Pineapples were referenced in both shows, Psych and NBC’s Chuck (where Levi played the lead). There were always pineapples in the background of Psych episodes and it became a thing to find them hiding somewhere in the scene. While on Chuck it was the panic word used at the Buy More if they needed to have an evacuation. So, what will the pineapple situation be for Psych the movie? We’ll just have to wait till December to find out!