The Flash Season 3 Finale “Finish Line”


flash se 3

Last night’s season finale of the Flash picked up immediately from where its previous episode left off, but as predicted there were several twists and turns, including the big one of what actually happened to Iris….

Spoilers to come!

Last week part of me was shocked to see Iris die. While Team Flash were doing everything they could to avoid her death, they played with this idea of how much of the future is actually set in stone versus what is free will. Well, thanks to H.R, Iris lived. In the first twist of the night, we heard “Iris” call Barry, B.A (a name H.R. is known for using). After feeling guilty of telling Savitar where Iris was hiding, H.R. did the ultimate switcheroo using a high-tech face mask he used in the beginning of the season. Something none of the characters (or myself) saw coming. It was a sad moment to see another reincarnation of Wells bite the dust. It took a little while to get used to him after Harry, but he became one of my favorites.

The 2nd “twist” (which I’m using loosely because it really wasn’t) of the night was when Savitar “joined” Team Flash. Barry was able to connect with Savitar on a childhood memory and attempted to help him with the short amount of time he still had left. For a second I honestly thought this was going to be how they took down Savitar. It was a strange moment where he was Barry, but not actually. You could tell he still had feelings for Iris. But in the end, he back-stabbed them and destroyed STAR Labs in the process. All to set his plan in motion of spreading himself across all of time and space. Thanks to the return of Jay Garrick, that didn’t happen.

With the help of the other speedsters, Barry was able to take down Savitar by pushing him out of his suit. Once inside the all-powerful, Barry did not become the killer Savitar was. In a reversal, Iris shot Savitar before he disappeared forever. Of course, when all seemed back to normal, an earthquake shook Central City to its core. The speed force was coming back for a vengeance looking for a prisoner to hold Savitar’s place. In the 3rd twist of the night, Barry decides he must go in. At first I thought: Why can’t he create another time remnant, but then I realized that would probably create someone like Savitar again. And in a way, this would be Barry’s penance for creating Flashpoint. The speed force once again took the form of his mother and reassured Team Flash that it would not be a prison for Barry.

So, how will they get Barry back next season? Or will the show be renamed Kid Flash? We’ll just have to wait and see when season 4 returns this October.