First Full Trailer for Fox\’s X-Men Series \’The Gifted\’



After releasing a short teaser last week Fox has unveiled the full trailer for the X-Men series “The Gifted”.

While we get brief glimpses at both Polaris and Blink in the trailer, it looks like the series is based on two new mutants; although they are inspired by an obscure storyline in the comics that Age of Ultron also used to a small extent.

The two main characters in this have the last name of Strucker, so it looks a if they’re based on the Fenris Twins. Those were two people that Baron Von Strucker experimented on with the X-gene to create mutants. Age of Ultron used this storyline as well with Strucker experimenting on the twins to give Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch their powers.

There is a mention of both the X-Men and the Brotherhood in the trailer, but this looks like it’s set in a world where the two organizations probably no longer exist. Fox has already ordered the show to series after seeing the pilot, so we’ll see how it goes this fall: