The Flash “Cause and Effect”


the-flash-cause-and-effect-trailAfter last week’s Savitar reveal, fans were left with tons of questions regarding this future version of Barry. Some of those questions were answered last night. Beginning with who this Barry was. Get ready to break out the white board.

So, Savitar is actually a time remnant, like the one Barry created to stop Zoom last year. Sometime in the future, the future Flash creates time remnants to stop Savitar-who is one of those remnants all along. (Confused yet?) This of course brings up the age-old question: what came first the time remnant or Savitar? As it has all throughout the season, Flashpoint continues to be one of the factors for allowing this to happen. (I have a feeling that will never go away for the rest of the show.) When Barry suggests killing himself to get rid of Savitar, the time remnant states that it’s not always that easy. The Reverse Flash continues to exist, despite Eddie Thawne killing himself. I thought it was clever when he stated that the more time travel you do, the less it applies to you. Smart way for the writers to get around some more confusing topics. All of this also clears up why the Legends of Tomorrow received a message from an older Barry telling them not to trust him. They didn’t mean him. They were talking about Savitar.

I think Grant Gustin has done a really great job acting this season because he has taken on so many different roles, while still essentially playing the same character. He’s present day Barry Allen, Savitar, Emo future Flash, and amnesia Barry. Amnesia Barry was fun to see because we haven’t seen that Barry since season 1. He was light and airy and didn’t know he was the Flash. Despite being confused he still trusted Iris, showing how deep their love truly is. So, my question remains (and probably will until the season finale in 2 weeks) will Iris die? There’s times where I think they are forcing the fact that she will live too much, that I start to think maybe she will die? The CW has killed off major characters before and love interests: Laurel. But then I start to think is it too obvious? Is this what they want you to think? Savitar did tell Barry that Iris needs to die in order for him to be born. If they change that then they will defeat the bad guy, which is always the end of a season. Will this one be different? We’ll just have to wait and see!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 on the CW.