Kathleen Kennedy Won\’t Touch the Star Wars George Left Us With


star wars saga
In the latest Steele Wars podcast, Kathleen Kennedy reveals that she won’t do anything to change the versions of Star Wars we currently have.

At first Steele asked her if there was any contractual agreement (possibly alluding to the rumor that Lucas put it in the Disney deal) preventing them from touching the Original Trilogy. Kennedy misunderstood the question and took it as a question of if Disney is preventing Lucasfilm from doing anything they want, which she clarifies they can do anything they decide to. So Steel rephrased the question and specifically asked her about the versions of Star Wars that George left us with. The following exchange happens at the 16 minute mark of the podcast:

“Steele: I mean the vision of George’s final cut that he left us with? Like whether that might be altered over time?

Kennedy: I haven’t touched those. Are you kidding? (Laughs) Those will always remain his.”

While some Unaltered Original Trilogy hopefuls took this as Kennedy talking about that version of the movie, Steele did specifically mention the versions of the movies that George left us with and that would likely mean the “evil” Special Editions that “raped your childhood”. If Kennedy won’t touch those to add or change stuff, this seems to finally kill that bogus rumor that the 4K versions are some kind of hybrid Special Edition with Han shooting first and other revisions. It also likely means they won’t go back and remove anything to put out a version of the movie that George Lucas hates.