Reviewing The Vampire Diaries Series Finale



This year marks the end of several supernatural shows, such as Grimm, Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries. After eight seasons, the Vampire Diaries came to a close last night. It premiered on the CW back in 2009 based on the book series by L.J. Smith. It became an instant favorite on the CW and fans were divided between Team Stefan or Team Damon. The finale had highs and lows and while it might not have been my favorite series finale, there were still some really great moments.

Spoilers ahead!

The most shocking moment of the finale had to be Stefan’s death. Even as he was telling Elena what happened I didn’t completely believe it. In the end, he sacrificed himself in order to kill Katherine once and for all and eliminate Hell. While I was upset to see him die, I think they did it in a really good way. He got to marry Caroline (while it was short-lived), see Elena one last time, and see Lexi again in the afterlife. (It was so nice to see her.) He got to die on his own terms and as a human.

Despite the frequent commercials and not a lot happening, the episode seemed to bring the series full circle. The original villain, Katherine, returned and they even used several elements from the pilot from the elusive fog, the crow, and the same music. Damon’s first and last line were even the same: “Hello Brother.” (So well written.) My favorite part had to be the epilogue when we saw everyone’s future as the ghost of their loved ones watched them. It was a great way to bring back old characters who died off as early as season 1. I just got confused when Elena hugged her parents and her aunt and uncle. I had to watch it back to hear that she said, in the narration, that her and Damon lived a long and happy life. While many doors closed, the writers did leave one open in hopes of an Originals crossover. I really hope so! (The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals, premiered four years ago, following the most dangerous original family of vampires.) In the series finale, Alaric is shown opening his school for the young and gifted (cough cough X-men?) and Caroline, along with Jeremy are helping him. Caroline opens a letter with a generous donation from Klaus. KLAUS! A ship that so many fans were crazy about (me included). He even signed it with “However long it takes.” So good. Almost as good as Matt getting a bench in the town square.

The Vampire Diaries is available on Netflix and DVD.

The Originals season 4 premieres Friday at 8.