Doctor Who “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” Review


The latest Doctor Who Christmas Special “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” combined two of my favorite things-superheroes and the Doctor. As River Song would say, “Spoilers!”

In this episode the superhero, “The Ghost,” is only possible because of a powerful gem stone that is so rare there are only four in the universe. After a young boy named Grant swallows one it gives him what he desires the most-superpowers. At first the Doctor thinks they’re temporary, but as he visits him during his high school years he realizes they are in fact permanent. Watching the Doctor interact with children is always a lot of fun to watch. It brings me back to the 11th Doctor and young Amelia Pond days.

The episode commences with a Superman-like plot of The Ghost keeping the city safe as well as his identity a secret from his childhood crush and employer Lucy, who is a reporter. At the same time the Doctor and Naldo are investigating a corporation who are storing brains in jars. They are aliens who are uploading themselves into humans and want to take over the bodies of every leading human in the country. In order to do so they must sacrifice New York City, so all will know their corporation is a safe haven.

At the end of the episode it looks like everything has been solved when U.N.I.T comes on the case, but the leading scientist’s eyes are missing. As they walk away one of the soldiers blinks vertically. Is this setting up the villain for the new season?

I would have to say this was one of my favorite Christmas specials and definitely one of my favorite Peter Capaldi episodes. (I found season 9 of Doctor Who lacking something.) I enjoyed all of the humorous moments, such as the Doctor being impressed with himself that he knew Clark Kent and Superman were the same man. I also liked his facial expressions when Lucy didn’t recognize Grant and the Ghost were the same man. It was nice to see Naldo again, but I was confused at how he was there. Then they explained that the Doctor reassembled him from last Christmas’ episode. That brought us back to how the Doctor has been gone for some time (24 years to be exact). This should sound familiar because that’s how long a night on Delirium is and the last we saw him was with River Song on that planet. Naldo even mentions her name to Grant and Lucy and states how she had to go to a library. That’s one thing I love about Doctor Who. The writers are always connecting events, even several seasons later.

At the end of the episode there was a trailer for the upcoming tenth season of Doctor Who, with our new companion Bill. I cannot wait to see what adventures they have in store. Just by the short commercial I feel like I like her already. I’m just upset we have to wait till the spring. There was also a new commercial for the spin-off series, Class, which will follow students from Coal Hill School. This is the same school where Clara taught and the Doctor was once “The Caretaker.” In the commercial one of the students explains how he’s an alien. The short flashes of images kind of reminds me of Torchwood. Should be interesting…