Luke Skywalker Wasn\’t Really Kylo Ren and Jyn Isn\’t a Secret Jedi



Rogue One officially has its annoyingly bogus internet “spoiler” similar to the dumb theory that Kylo Ren was really Luke, and it says Jyn is really a Jedi.

The origin, and debunking, of this is multi-layered so lets just start at where this theory came from. Last week a Twitter celebrity mis-read a chapter introduction in the unreleased Rogue One novel Catalyst and sent out a sensationalist Tweet to their followers. They claimed that a character in Rogue One is really “Force sensitive”, and that triggered the internet speculation brigade into debating who would be the Jedi in the movie.

Despite Gareth Edwards saying from the day the movie was officially revealed at Celebration in 2015 that there are no Jedi in the film, that didn’t stop people from daydreaming that there could be.

In reality the chapter introduction in the book is from a character (who we see in a recent trailer) and them explaining that they believe in The Force. Here’s where the internet went full stupid with this. Since Jyn’s mother tells her to trust the Force and gives her a Kyber crystal to hold on to, people think Jyn is secretly a Jedi and will be whipping out a lightsaber at the end of the movie just like Rey in The Force Awakens.


“May the Force Be With You” is the mantra of the Rebel Alliance. Everyone says it, and many believe it, but does that automatically make them all Jedi? No.

Jyn’s mother can believe in The Force, tell Jyn to trust in it, and even give her a Force relic like a Kyber crystal, but that doesn’t automatically make either of them Jedi or “Force sensitive” any more than saying “May the Force Be With You” does. One person on Twitter yesterday mentioned that Kyber crystals could be a like a rabbit’s foot for people who believe in The Force but don’t necessarily use it, and I think that’s a great comparison. We also know there’s a “Church of the Force” in the Star Wars universe, with a temple on Jedha and Lor San Tekka was a member of it, so just because people believe in the power of The Force it doesn’t make them lightsaber-weilding Jedi.

There’s also a much larger debate to have on the whole canon nature of the “Force sensitive” moniker (which actually originated in the West End Games RPGs in the late 80s) as George Lucas’ own view of The Force completely conflicts with that concept. But that’s not a can of worms that needs to be opened right now.

The fact of the matter with this stupid internet Jedi freak-out is that Jyn is not a secretly a Jedi in Rogue One, and no she isn’t Rey’s mother either. Just like people were slapped upside the head with the reality of Kylo Ren not being Luke Skywalker last December, they’ll also be disappointed to not see Jyn waving a lightsaber in Rogue One this December.