Noticeable Changes in Supergirl in its move from CBS to the CW



Is it just me or does Supergirl not feel the same since it switched networks? Don’t get me wrong it’s still good, but it’s definitely not the same show. Here are a few noticeable differences that have impacted season two so far.
Warning Spoilers Ahead!

1. The trio of Kara, Winn and James

The three have not been together in the same room at all this season. They used to be Team Supergirl and it has been broken. Winn seems to live at the DEO now and is sounding more and more like Cisco from The Flash. In the last episode he even threw out a “check it” in a very Cisco fashion.

2. Is James still on the show?

The first season of Supergirl was all about getting them together and since she told him in the first episode of season 2 that she didn’t like him in that way his plot line has gotten diminished. In 2×01 his scenes were only with Kara about their relationship. He was in 2×02 for a second at the end, when we learned he was taking over Cat’s position at CATCO. Most recently he stepped up to Snapper Carr to show his status. A few weeks ago it was revealed that he will become Guardian. I’m curious how his superhero origin story will play out when he barely has a scene to himself now.

3. Haven’t been to Kara’s apartment

One of our main sets from last season has only been used once or twice when we were there countless of times last season. Now we seem to live at the DEO. And there are noticeable similarities between the cell at the DEO and those in the pipeline at STAR Labs. Do they not look identical?

4. Needs a dominant male figure alongside her

Supergirl has always prided itself on presenting a strong, female, lead superhero and they are still doing that, but since the move to the CW there seems to be a strong male presence. First there was Superman who traveled to National City to help Kara and as soon as he leaves Mon-El wakes up. Yes, Kara can be a mentor to Mon-El, but he is still a man. They seem to already be teaming up for the mega crossover with all of the superhero CW shows by referencing the Daxonmites.

Despite all of these alternations the show has still been a joy to watch, but it is different.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 on the CW.