Biggest Show, Smallest State


Everybody loves a good comic book convention, right? Of course we do — that’s why we read this site.

But, while everyone is out there hyping up San Diego, Chicago and New York, the biggest little state in the union is ready to play. That’s because Rhode Island Comic-Con is growing into one hell of a show.

Since 2012, RICC has been breaking local attendance records (yes, Boston, we’re looking at you). The first year it appeared, an estimated 15,000 people attended! In 2013, the sophomore show drew about 17,000 people, packed to the brim and the artist with an awesome celebrity guest list.

By 2014, it was geek chaos. Moe than 40,000 people showed up, as did the fire marshal. Countless hundreds were left standing in the rain, marking the first time the Rhode Island Convention Center was shut down for safety reasons. It was a sad sight from inside the convention center looking out the window all warm and stuff at the crowds of people waiting to get in.

(Well, not THAT sad — I got in early. But as I stood in line waiting for Billy Dee Williams’ autograph, I felt truly bad for my cosplaying compatriots. Better luck next year, Guy with Crappy Deadpool costume!)

In 2015 the show doubled in size. Again.

Joining the convention center with the neighboring Dunkin Donuts Center arena, we finally had room to enjoy The Walking Dead cast members, Dr Who cast members, Star Wars and the list goes on. The comic book artist and creator list is amazing, I mean Stan Lee amazing, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, John Beatty, Mike Zeck and many many more. And don’t forget the Panels tons and tons of panels.

This show has grown into such a huge event and the people running it have really done a great job at putting this together. They continue to bring the best of the con world to the tiny confines of Rhode Island. It is officially on the fanboy map, and true con-fans should be there, no matter how far they have to travel.