Is Patty Spivot Returning to The Flash?


Shantel VanSanten’s short-lived time on The Flash as Patty Spivot might be revived this season. During an appearance at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Orlando last week, VanSanten was asked if she would be returning to Central City any time soon. She replied with a smile saying, “There is a very strong possibility if everything works out.” While this did not reveal a definite yes or no it gives fans hope they might see the quirky police officer turned CSI sometime this year. According to her IMDB page VanSanten is only slotted for one episode of Fox’s new time-traveling drama Timeless so this could make her free for an episode of The Flash. That poses the question of which version of Patty Spivot we could see. Will she be Earth-1 Patty who left the SCPD to study being a CSI, the Earth-2 version that was referenced last season as already being a CSI, or an entirely new one because of the Flashpoint storyline? Anything is possible!

VanSanten was only on ten episodes of season 2. She was introduced as a police officer who wanted to be Joe West’s partner in episode 2. In that episode her chemistry with Barry Allen was immediately noticeable. It was adorable that she was obsessed with the cases he worked on as Barry rather than as the Flash. She was a nice change from the “will they won’t they” between Barry and Iris. Towards the end Barry and Patty’s relationship felt rushed. One day they were on their first date and then they were a close couple. By episode 11, “The Reverse-Flash Returns,” Barry was worried about telling Patty the truth of his superhero identity, which pushed her away to pursue her career in forensics. The two have a nice moment on the train where she finds out Barry is in fact The Flash.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 PM. Season 3 speeds in October 4th.