Deathstroke Will Be the Villain in Ben Affleck\’s Batman Film!


This morning Ben Affleck posted a cryptic video of Deathstroke in costume, and now it’s been revealed that he’ll be the villain in the Affleck-directed Batman film!

The Wrap broke the news that he’ll be the villain not long after Affleck posted the video. This explains why Slade Wilson will not be appearing on Arrow anymore.

It’s fitting that Deathstroke is finally being realized on the big screen as the character was ripped-off by Rob Liefeld with Deadpool (Wade Wilson vs Slade Wilson, and originally Deadpool was a serious assassin like Deathstroke), and that movie went on to be a huge success. He’s also a great villain for Batman to face and one we haven’t seen on the big screen yet (he was recently featured in the Batman vs Robin animated film).

Here’s the Affleck video: