Everything Added to the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition (Spoilers)



The Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on Digital HD this week, and we have the details of what was added to this new three-hour cut of the movie. Overall this is the definitive version of the movie, fixing all of the editing and pacing problems from the butchered theatrical cut while fleshing out Luthor’s insane plot much better. How Luthor manipulated Batman and Superman into fighting is explained in clearer ways in this extended version of the movie. The additional thirty minutes restores excised subplots supporting Luthor’s plan, and gives Clark Kent and Lois Lane more scene to shine in.

A note on the R rating: Much like the extended version of the third Hobbit movie, there doesn’t seem to be anything extreme that would cause an R rating here. There’s some additional CGI blood in the gunfire during the Africa scene at the beginning, but it’s no more intense than what you saw in the PG-13 original.

Opening Credits



The opening credits now say “Ultimate Edition” and there’s a shot of Martha Wayne’s face right before Joe Chill pulls the trigger.

The Day the World Met the Superman


When Bruce Wayne makes it to the ruins of the Wayne Financial building, he sees a woman leading a train of children away from the building.



The Africa sequence is greatly expanded. It begins with Lois meeting Jimmy Olsen for the first time, and when Jimmy is killed you see his death from the infra-red on a drone. That lets you know the CIA was watching the whole thing.


Then comes the scene with the horses from the trailer. These are CIA guys going into the compound to mop things up since Jimmy as killed.


In addition to the horses, the CIA sends in a drone that is going to wipe out the entire compound with two missiles. Superman destroys both of them.


After Superman takes out the warlord, the CIA gets to the compound and sees the corpses left from Luthor’s guys and Lois finds her journal.