Marvel Destroys Captain America & Announces Another Marvel Now


cap-steve-rogers-1On the day when DC Comics is trying to restore hope and optimism to their line, Marvel again is grabbing for the headlines with an edgy reveal in the new Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.

There are actually two stories in the issue. One is set in the present day, and the other one explains that Steve’s mother joined Hydra and that Captain America was only pretending to be a good guy for the last 75 years. When you stop slamming your head against the keyboard, I have something to say about this.

Once again Marvel is using Captain America to grab headlines and appear “edgy”. They did it before when they killed Cap following the Civil War event. Back then it was actually seen by some as a heavy-handed political statement. Now this just stinks of Marvel trying something extreme to get people’s attention to buy their over-priced issues. DC released a massive, and excellent, 80-page issue today for $3, while Marvel wants you to pay $5 to see them take a dump on one of their flagship characters.

Even worse? Today Marvel announced that Marvel Now! will be returning this fall. The now-annual #1’s will be back, as Marvel loves pandering to those “investment collectors” who only buy issue #1s of comics. At a time when DC is resuming the original numbering for Action Comics and Detective Comics (so both will hit the historic #1,000), we’re going to be lucky to get even 12 issues of most Marvel comics.