SPOILERS: This is the Second Civil War Post-Credits Scene


spider-man-civil-warWhen Captain America: Civil War screened for critics and fans two weeks ago, it only featured one post-credits scene.

We detailed what that scene is in our review. It’s more of an epilogue to the main movie, and it helps set up the Black Panther movie. The second post-credits scene, which plays after all of the credits finish, has leaked thanks to the movie opening early in European countries and it sets up a movie releasing next summer.

After all the credits finish we get to see Peter Parker again. He notices something on his new webshooters that Tony made for him, and he tries to hide them from Aunt May. The scene fades out and “Spider-Man Will Return” appears on screen.

At the earlier screenings, there was no “Will Return” at the end of the credits as is tradition with Marvel movies. That’s because that line was being saved for this Spider-Man post-credits scene.