CBS Expands Its War Against Star Trek Fans


CBS Star TrekFor Trek’s 50th, CBS is waging an all-out war against creative Star Trek fans when they should be celebrating them.

Most people are aware that CBS is in the middle of a very controversial lawsuit against the Star Trek fan film Star Trek: Axanar. Now it looks like they are targeting any fan film as another one has been shut down.

The makers of Star Trek: Horizon were planning a sequel, but now CBS has warned them to not go forward:

“Earlier today, executives from CBS reached out to me and advised me that their legal team strongly suggested that we do not move forward with plans to create a sequel to Horizon. While this is a sign of the current climate that we find ourselves in with Star Trek fan films, I want to personally thank CBS for reaching out to me, rather than including us in their ongoing lawsuit against Axanar.

It was conveyed that the reason CBS was reaching out to me was due to the legal troubles stemming from the Axanar case. Again, CBS did not have to reach out personally. The message I received felt more like they were giving me a heads up before we got too involved in another project, rather than a group of angry executives swinging a hammer.”

Here’s the problem with this. Most fans see CBS doing this as an insecurity in their own franchise. They have a Star Trek movie out this summer and a TV series in January, and to many fans it looks like CBS is afraid a fan production would take attention away from those efforts.

Look what Lucasfilm is doing with Star Wars. They have an animated TV series and a new movie every year, but they are confident enough in those outlets that they aren’t afraid of fan films. In fact, Lucafilm celebrates them. Not only does Lucasfilm give creative fan films awards, they help them out by providing them official sound effects and music to use in them.

Instead of fighting against Star Trek fans for the franchise’s 50th anniversary, CBS should take a long look at how Lucasfilm handles the same situation.