Deadpool Hits Blu-Ray on May 10th



This isn’t an April Fool’s joke, although the timing is perfect. Ryan Reynolds used his Twitter account to officially announce the release date for the Deadpool Blu-Ray as May 10th. The April Fool’s part of the announcement is of course the VHS and LaserDisc releases (although a LD release would be cool!).

In addition to Blu-Ray, Deadpool will be released on UHD 4K Blu-Ray. It’s not known yet if that will also be on May 10th, but it’s likely to be the case as Fox has been pretty good with their 4K releases so far. X-Men: Days of Future Past is already out in 4K, so if you have one of the new players you can have the two best X-Men movies on the format when Deadpool releases in a couple of months.