5 Reasons That \’Imperial Commando\’ Leak is Bogus


imperial-commandoThere’s a post on Reddit that many Star Wars fans want to believe is true, but unfortunately this “leak” of Imperial Commando is bogus. There are a lot of reasons why EA isn’t resurrecting a Prequel-era game that was cancelled more than ten years ago just to release a month before Episode VIII, but there are five big reasons why that post is fake.

Frostbite 4
Whoever made that post doesn’t actually know what Frostbite is. Last console generation saw the rise of what’s called “middleware”, which any game company could license for their game to speed up development time as they wouldn’t have to create their own engine. These off the shelf products became very successful, and for this generation most big publishers designed their own to use internally. EA has two. Ignite is their sports engine, while Frostbite 3 (created by DICE) is what they use for other games.

Frostbite 3 is meant to last until at least the end of this console generation. It’s entirely possible Dice will create a Frostbite 4 and debut it in Battlefield 5, but that would likely be exclusive to the PC and designed around what high end cards like the Nvidia 980 can do. The budget GPUs in the consoles wouldn’t be able to handle the new Frostbite as they have big issues just running Frostbite 3 as it is (PS4 can only hit 900p and Xbox One hits 720p in Frostbite 3 FPSs).

So revealing a more powerful Frostbite 4 in June on a game that isn’t a flagship for DICE is a huge red flag.

The 20 Hour Campaign
In 2016 single-player campaigns for first-person-shooters are an afterthought. Everyone knows Battlefront didn’t have one, and neither did the new Rainbow Six (despite it being one if the best games of last year). Claiming that Imperial Commando will have an “epic 20 hour campaign” (making it as long or longer than of Fallout 4) is just the poster’s way to pander to those Star Wars fans who were disappointed with the lack of a campaign in Battlefront in the hopes that they’d buy his BS.

The Nintendo NX
Huge red flag here. Nintendo is expected to unveil the first information about the Nintendo NX at E3 in June, and some recent analysts are actually speculating that the handheld version of the system will release in 2016 while the home console version won’t be out until 2017. While we know the NX can apparently run Unreal 4, claiming that EA (a company who doesn’t really support Nintendo hardware anymore) would put out the game as a launch title on the system is a bit of a fanboy fantasy right there. Also, Nintendo’s hardware is traditionally weaker than what MS or Sony puts out, and that means it wouldn’t be able to run a mythical Frostbite 4 either.

Revealing the Game in February
The poster claims that he’s working on an ARG for Imperial Commando (complete with Photoshopped web pages) that will go live next month to tease the announcement. E3 isn’t until the middle of June this year. Even when companies do these ARGs, they traditionally don’t do them so far out as this one would be. That there is yet another red flag that this guy is just trying to fool Reddit. But there’s another great reason why this whole thing is fake, and that’s because of what EA is showing this year.

What EA is REALLY Showing at E3 2016
For the last few years EA Visceral in Redwood Shores, CA has been working on a third-person story-driving action-adventure Star Wars title. Amy Hennig of Uncharted fame is involved with this game, and now that Battlefront is released E3 2016 is when this untitled Star Wars adventure is expected to be revealed. The game could possibly similar to 1313, but it’s definitely not the cancelled Imperial Commando from 2004.