4 Things People Will Bash The Force Awakens For



Two weeks from today the world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be held in Hollywood. Despite rumors of it being an exclusive engagement that tickets will be hard to get for, it sounds like Disney is actually using multiple theaters on Hollywood Blvd to allow a large amount of people to participate. That means some bloggers who don’t exactly like Star Wars will be reviewing the movie shortly, and we have a good idea the type of stuff they’ll try to bash the movie for just to create a name for themselves with their controversial opinion:

Luke’s Role

Luke Skywalker

Due to the lack of Luke Skywalker in any of the film marketing, and some seriously crazy bogus fan theories, some people have already written the movie in their heads. Because of this, they’re likely to attack Abrams and Kasdan for the story choices they made in The Force Awakens, and the biggest of those is how Luke is used in the story. While the Luke thing will likely earn the biggest cheer from fans on opening night, jaded film bloggers will take it as an opportunity to attack the filmmakers.

A Similar Structure to A New Hope


There are already people complaining that The Force Awakens looks like a rehash of A New Hope, but in reality the only real similarities come from it starting on a desert planet and it being the start of the Campbell-esque Heroe’s Journey for Rey. But this is probably going to be one of the big complaints from certain bloggers who already directed their version of Episode VII in their head.

False Claims of Racism


In the US, the early marketing of The Force Awakens has focused heavily on Finn and his use of the Skywalker lightsaber. This is a bit of a misdirection as Rey is actually the lead character (and a heavier focus in the international marketing), and because of that some people will complain that the movie is racist for how the story focuses more on Rey in the end. But what these people don’t realize is that neither Rey nor Finn were written to be any specific race. In fact there was earlier concept art of Finn as a white guy. But expect people to ignore that for some worthless clickbait thinkpieces on how The Force Awakens is racist for how the story plays out.

The Enormous Amount of CG

Maz Kanata

Despite Lucasfilm shoving “practical effects” down everyone’s throats over the summer, The Force Awakens actually uses an enormous amount of CG. From space ships, to environments there is a ton of CGI used in The Force Awakens. Even bigger, there are two featured characters who are entirely CGI. Expect to see people bash the movie for this after they were basically lied to and allowed to believe they would make a movie in 2015 with nothing but 1977 technology.