Rumor: Solo Batman Movie to Feature Red Hood as the Villain!


robin-batman-v-supermanEven though it’s a ways away, there’s a rumor that says the villain Batman will face in his next solo outing will be none-other than Red Hood.

The rumor comes from JoBlo via a video (below) and they have had a good track record recently with DC scoops. The video explains that DC wants Red Hood to be their answer to Winter Solider, and there are definitely some parallels there. He’s also a very popular character in the comics since his resurrection in 2005, and he was a big focus of Batman Arkham Knight (which is probably the best Arkham game).

The video does a very good job explaining the history of Jason Todd to those unfamiliar with Death in the Family from 1988, and we know that in the DCCU Batman does have a dead Robin as we see his costume in the trailer. Exploring the Jason Todd storyline would be a great way to kick off the solo Batman movies, especially if Nightwing is included as the rumor says. That gives the DC movies a rich history to pull from, which is something that makes the comics so great.

So if this is true it makes me even more excited for the solo Batman movie. I’ve always wanted to see the “Bat-Family” represented on the big screen as they are in the comics, and this is the first step to that. Imagine a future solo Batman movie where he’s teamed up with Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin.