Hulk Confirmed to Appear in Thor: Ragnarok


hulk-thorEarlier this week a rumor originated from that said Hulk would be teaming up with Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, and now that rumor is confirmed.

Aside from the confirmation there’s not much to report on this yet. The rumor is that the third Thor movie will take a bit of a darker turn, but at the same time be something of a cosmic road trip film. It’s said to be set mostly on another planet that isn’t Earth or Asgard, so it’s possible they could be adapting elements of the popular Planet Hulk series in this movie.

Hulk appearing in Thor: Ragnarok comes after rumors of his involvement in Civil War didn’t plan out. Apparently he was in one draft of that script, but they removed his character because it didn’t make sense. Thor: Ragnarok will hopefully explain what happened to Banner after he was last seen flying away in the Quinjet at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and presumably crashed into the ocean somewhere.