Rumor: Marvel Cancels the Inhumans Movie


inhumans-comicCould the Inhumans movie be cancelled and eventually dropped from Marvel’s slate?

That’s what a new rumor from Bleeding Cool claims. Even though it’s still officially part of Phase 3, the site says Marvel has internally cancelled the movie:

“In the New York bars last night I heard from other well connected sources that the second shoe dropping will be the move of the planned Inhumans movie off the slate completelu.

That was the film most pushed for by the Marvel TV side, which still reports to Perlmutter. And to which Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD has committed to providing three years worth of promotion towards in its storylines, establishing the Inhumans concept to the fans.”

The source of the rumor is drunken bar gossip overheard by Bleeding Cool, so take that as you will. But if this turns out to be true, then the chances of us ever seeing Black Bolt on the big screen may have just ended…