We Probably Won\’t See DS9 or Voyager in HD


ds9_09Ever since CBS spent the time and money to remaster Star Trek: The Next Generation in HD fans have been wondering if DS9 and Voyager would receive the same treatment.

The remastering of both the Original Series and The Next Generation was a complicated process. For the Original Series, they recreated all of the visual effects in CG for the HD version. The Next Generation was even more frightening. Instead of redoing all of the effects, they recomposed the original effects using the original elements. Some elements were thought lost, but thankfully they were able to track everything down in time to recreate everything needed for the show.

Deep Space Nine and Voyager face even greater challenges. Ignoring the fact that neither series is as popular as TOS or TNG, and thus would sell less on Blu-Ray, many of the effects in both series were done via early CGI. While most of those CG elements were believed to be lost, a blog post today claims that some have been found which would open the door to a remastering project for both series.

Except that’s all wishful thinking as it doesn’t seem like CBS wants to spend the money for such a little return. Robert Meyer Burnett, director of Free Enterprise and the upcoming Star Trek: Axanar, posted on his Facebook that due to the poor sales of TNG we won’t see DS9 or VOY remastered:

UH OH…here we go again…dredging up the old news. Regarding both DS9 and VOYAGER in HD…never say never, but the TNG…

Posted by Robert Meyer Burnett on Friday, August 21, 2015

Unlike shows like The X-Files or The Wire, which were easily made HD recently, effects heavy series like DS9 and Voyager are much more complicated. We do have Enterprise in HD because the series was actually filmed that way fifteen years ago. Unless a miracle happens, it doesn’t seem like we’ll see Deep Space Nine or Voyager get the same treatment The Next Generation did on Blu-Ray.