That Episode VIII Casting Info Site Isn\’t Real (Again…)


Han Solo ReallyA familiar scam has resurfaced with the hype for Star Wars: Episode VIII building, but buying the guy’s ebook won’t get you cast and his site doesn’t really have casting info.

This is the third time the “” site has come around claiming to have casting information for a Star Wars movie in an attempt to sell people an Ebook about being cast in the movie.

The first time was back in 2013 when the site used the “” URL. Lucasfilm quickly said the casting call was fake, as they jump on money-making scams like this quickly as people see “Star Wars” and will fall for the fraud.

Last year he moved to the current “” domain looking for “Salty Sea Dog” extras for Star Wars: Episode VII.

As with those last two fake casting lists that were used as a front to sell people an Ebook, this week’s Episode VIII casting information is also not real.

There is casting going on for Star Wars: Episode VIII, which is why we heard about Benecio Del Toro being offered a role. They’re also casting a very large net to find who will play a new female villain in the film. But buying an Ebook won’t get you cast in Episode VIII, nor will contacting the casting director of Episode VII directly.

If a site wants you to buy a book to get cast in the movie, it’s a scam.