Fox is Shockingly Producing Comic-Accurate X-Men Costumes Now


Fox Comic-Accurate CostumesEveryone who has been watching comic book movies since they were a genre knows of the hilarious history the costumes have when it comes to being accurate to the comics.

Way back at the turn of the century, Fox wanted their super heroes to be “grounded in reality”. The result were black leather costumes for the X-Men, and the movie even mocked the idea of “leather spandex” in dialog. As you’ll see, comic book movies have come a long way since the first X-Men movie.

They’ve slowly been evolving towards this. X-Men First Class introduced yellow costumes for the team, but they were back to the black leather in the future scenes of X-Men Days of Future Past. But it looks like 2016 will finally be the year when Fox takes their X-Men license fully into the comic realm.

Everyone has seen Deadpool and how perfect the costume is. Those who saw the footage at SDCC know that the face isn’t static and those white eyes are just as expressive as they are in the comic books. They even finally made Colossus an entirely CG character, which giant heroes and villains really need to be. But even the supporting characters are going full comic book. Look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead. She’s basically wearing the comic book X-Men costume, complete with the “X” insignia on the collar and shoulder:

Fox Comic-Accurate Costumes

While the internet is mocking the appearance of Apocalypse, and hopefully Singer will decide to CG him up a bit before the 2016 release, they did something shocking with Pyslocke. She’s wearing the very familiar costume she wore in the 90s. In fact, between her and Deadpool Fox has the most comic-accurate costumes of any superhero movie next year, even more so than Marvel and the DC movies:

Fox Comic-Accurate Costumes

A few years ago when Marvel was surprising everyone with embracing the comic book look and feel with their movies, people were kind of leering at Fox by still trying to ground their X-Men movies in reality. But both Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse are exciting if only for getting a comic-accurate look on the big screen. This breathes new life into the X-Men franchise, and I can’t wait to see X-Force characters like Cable or big X-Men villains such as Mr. Sinister show up on the big screen now. They just need to fix Apocalypse himself…