The Spoiler-Filled Japanese \’Age of Urutoron\’ Trailer is So 90s



Disney in Japan has released that country’s full trailer for “Age of Urutoron”, and despite spoiling the entire movie it’s pretty awesome.

Did you ever want to see the Avengers fighting against Ultron’s drones to the tunes of an Aerosmith-style rock ballad? You will in this trailer. After spoiling the entire movie, the trailer kicks into gear with a song that’s not on the US soundtrack of the movie and it gives the whole thing a very 90’s Joel Shumacher Batman feel.

Age of Ultron (or Age of Urutoron) is currently destroying the world-wide box office, with some people saying it’s on pace to surpass the original movie’s take. Proving that “Superhero Fatigue” is really a big fat myth.

Check out the Japanese trailer for Age of Ultron to see it in a different light…