Last Week\’s Star Trek TV Series Rumor is 100% False


star trek 2009

Over the weekend the internet was buzzing about a rumor posted on Latino Review that a new Star Trek television series would be coming soon. They were basing the report on a ten-year-old treatment called Star Trek: Federation, which would actually be an awesome way to bring the series back to television.

Unfortunately like with most of their Star Wars “scoops”, this one is completely bogus.

i09 actually contacted one of the authors of the Star Trek: Federation treatment, Robert Burnett, and he had this to say:

All of the FEDERATION information is true…but we did that TEN YEARS AGO. The treatment was written but effectively killed when JJ took over. It never went further than the treatment…and no one ever pitched it…and I don’t know if Geoffrey wrote a full script. While I have been working on AXANAR, and we are building sets, etc,…I know NOTHING about a new CBS Trek series. As for currently working on something with Skydance? NO COMMENT (but if I WERE, it is NOT related to TREK in any way).

Federation would be an awesome Trek series. It’s set in the far future in the non-Abramsverse where the Vulcans have unified with the Romulans, and the Federation isn’t in the best of shape. Unfortunately the head of CBS, who is in charge of Star Trek now, feels that the franchise works better on the big screen. That means we probably won’t see it on television for a long time, if ever again.