More Info on the Potential Star Wars TV Series


Mara Jade

Last week new information came out that says Lucasfilm is ramping up plans for a live-action Star Wars series, much like Marvel is doing with ABC and Netflix. Now some new details about what could be going on with the series have come to light.

Jordan at Cinelinx has heard that the series is currently in a holding pattern:

The plan is to film the TV show at Pinewood between the movies, with the intention of using the film sets for the series during down time. This makes a lot of sense, as reusing the sets for multiple purposes can save a bunch of money for production and maintain a sense of continuity, visually, between the movies and show.

This lines up with what another SciFi franchise did. Star Trek actually did the opposite by using existing sets from Star Trek: The Next Generation in the last couple original cast movies. So it definitely makes sense that they’d do the same thing with Star Wars.

A more intriguing rumor? How about this?

There’s no real “greenlight” for a live-action series at this point, but from all I’ve heard, the story group and development teams are operating under the idea that a show IS happening. Ideas are being developed and I’ve even heard about them actively trying to use one of the book characters in the series as well…but I’ll have more on that later this week.

How long until the Karen Gillan as Mara Jade rumors start taking social media by storm?