HTC and Valve Join the VR Game



Last year at E3 I was able to check out Sony’s Project Morpheus VR helmet. After trying the Oculus and that, I was pretty sure that VR finally reached the stage where it’s no longer just a gimmick and actually something that may be worth our hard-earned money. You can find my full impressions of Morpheus right here.

Today a new challenger has arrived. HTC is teaming with Valve to bring out a VR headset with some impressive specs. It’ll pump out a resolution of 1200×1080 to each eye at 90fps. This is said to reduce the jitter that people complain about with VR. While that was true with earlier generations of the Oculus, I don’t recall any jitter when I tried out Morpheus.

The headset will use a gyrosensor, accelerometer, and laser position to track where your head is and Steam VR base stations will be available to track your physical position in the world. The headset also has a audio jack so you can plugin whatever headphones you prefer directly into it. They’ll also have controllers, and from the description they sound similar to Sony’s Move sticks that the Morpheus use.

No word yet on price, but they did release a slick trailer for the device: