Here\’s How Gotham Will Ruin The Joker


joker-gotham-promoAfter completely dumping on iconic Batman villains such as Poison Ivy and Two Face, Fox’s boring Gotham series will be introducing The Joker in its next episode.

When Gotham introduced Harvey Dent, the character was an adult. That was incredibly stupid as Two Face and Batman are supposed to be the same age. Batman being able to talk to Harvey as a peer is one of the important things about their relationship, which fans know isn’t always hostile.

With The Joker they’re introducing him as a teenager, so he and Bruce can be about the same age. This, of course, is also different from the comic as there’s never a real clue about The Joker’s age. Scott Snyder’s most recent story line in the comics hints that The Joker could be very ancient along the lines of Ra’s al Ghul.

So, again, Gotham is getting it wrong. Why was this show renewed for a second season?