We Almost Saw a \’Batman: No Man\’s Land\’ TV Series


batman__no_man_s_landA user on Deviant Art found this painting that was done as a pitch piece for a rejected animated series based on the “No Man’s Land” storyline in the Batman comics. He describes it as such:

This was a painting done to pitch a proposed series based on No Man’s Land. The painter’s name escapes me, but I’ll post their credit when I do some research. Anyway, it was deemed too dark by the suits. Knowing what I know now about CGI production, it would’ve been a nightmare to produce. Bullet dodged, but the painting is nifty! Pencils rough by Coran Stone.

“No Man’s Land” was an event that took place in the Batman titles in 1999 that followed a massive earthquake devastating Gotham and told what happened in the city when the US government completely isolated it from the rest of the world. As dark as Batman: TAS could get, even that is a bit too dark for a kid’s animated series.