Flash and Arrow Are Renewed! Will Crossover Every Season!



It should be no surprised based on the quality of both shows, but this morning the CW has renewed The Flash for a second season and Arrow for a fourth. Everyone knows how great Arrow is, as the show has really skyrocketed in quality after the second season ramped things up in Starling City but The Flash has come out the gate as being the best comic book show on television.

Even cooler is that when they announced the renewals, the CW said to expect a crossover between the two shows every year before the mid-season break. That’s what happened this year with the big two-part event and only the most jaded fans wouldn’t want to see more of that. With CBS’s Supergirl coming, and rumors are it WILL exist in the Arrow-verse, it’s possible we’ll be seeing three-part crossover episodes in the future with The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl all interacting together.

There are also talks of another DC series coming from the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl folks on The CW, but Entertainment Weekly says those are very early.