A 9/11 Truther Will Not Be Directing Star Trek 3


orci kurtzman star trekNot long ago it was assumed that Roberto Orci would be writing and directing the third Star Trek movie for Paramount, which the studio wants out in 2016 for the franchise’s 50th anniversary. Now it seems like he wont’ be directing the movie at all, but will still receive a producer credit on it.

Deadline is reporting that Orci is off the movie, and that Edgar Wright is on a short list of replacements. No reason was given for his departure, but conspiracy theories are swirling as his script for the last Trek movie was cited by critics as one of the biggest problems with it. Perhaps Paramount wants a fresh take on the franchise for what is going to be a massive year for Star Trek.

Orci shouldn’t be offended at conspiracy theories surrounding him. The guy is a notorious 9/11 Truther and even allowed that to influence the story of Star Trek Into Darkness with the whole “inside job” angle of an evil Starfleet admiral. I don’t think he’ll be missed much from the franchise.